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Douglas Reed, CRPC, AAMS

Over the years I’ve spoken to thousands of people and helped them by creating a better, more refined view of their goals and turning that vision into a pathway to Prosperity, Retirement and Financial Freedom!

Finance always intrigued me. In 1990 joined The New England, otherwise known as New England Mutual Life Insurance Company. The company was great and so was my General Agent, Terry Mykins. I worked primarily in Corporate Plans (401ks, Pensions, Profit Sharing), Employee Benefits and Individual Financial Planning. We helped many people and companies design financial plans for their future utilizing, investment and insurance strategies. The emphasis was on insurance however I liked investments best.

In 1997 I became an Independent Registered Representative with Tower Square Securities, a Citigroup company. As an Independent Representative, I was completely responsible for my own business, as long as I did what the big company told me I could do to, I mean, for my clients… Over the next nine years I was an “independent representative” for some of the largest, most well known firms in the business, SunAmerica was owned by a large insurance group, AIG. Vestax was bought by Multi-Financial Securities and owned by a huge banking conglomerate, ING. Fortune Financial Services was a smaller more individualized company. All of them had one thing in common: They tell you how to run your “independent business” and they tell you what to do to your clients….

Quite sincerely, I was sick of being told what to do “for” my clients in a thinly guised veil of what was truly only best for the company!

In 2006 I formed the Reed Financial Group – a truly independent Registered Investment Advisor whose goal is and has always been: Do What’s Best for the Client – and everyone wins!

Also, in 2006 I started doing what is now the Career Financial Transitions workshop for one of the largest outsourcing company’s in the nation, Lee Hecht Harrison.

Other than referrals, our client base is almost 100% career transition clients seeking the best and fastest path to retirement.

Reed Financial Group & the Strategic Wealth Initiative

Today, the Reed Financial Group serves primarily Private Clients who are employees of or retired from Fortune 1000 companies with comprehensive wealth management. This  includes investment advisory, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning, budgeting, education planning and more. Yes, comprehensive! Our investment prowess goes beyond ETF’s and Mutual funds. We help clients assess these investment options as well as stocks, bonds, real estate (physical real estate as well as REIT’s and LP’s) and other investment opportunities.

We create, implement and monitor financial planning strategies to help build, manage and protect Wealth for Retirement – ASAP! from the Reed Financial Group

For folks that are developing their retirement plan and financial future with less than $250,000, we created  an online resource where you can access professionally designed, monitored and re-balanced ETF and Mutual Fund portfolios with a do it yourself financial planning option. Clients may easily set up their accounts in five minutes day or night and enjoy institutional style investment management.

We are always looking for innovative ways to grow and manage wealth. That being said, we offer NvestBates, an online shopping portal that offers Cash Back Rebates not only on your shopping, but also on the shopping of everyone you introduce into your “community”. Members may then invest 0, 50% or  100% of Cash Back Rebates automatically into an investment account for growth. Members may also receive funds as a check or through PayPal. NvestBates is a separate and distinct company from the Reed Financial Group developed and owned by Douglas Reed.

Yep, innovation, in the name of what’s best for the client and for the people we become involved with. That’s the way we do business and that’s the way it should be.

OK, now that’s what I call full disclosure!

Feel free to contact me. Let me know how I can help you create a better destiny for your future!

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