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Vaccines, The Fed and Oil – Oh Yeah!

May 27th, 2020 | Leave a comment.

Stock Market Cheers Vaccine Trial

Monday’s rally came after hopeful news on a vacine for the coronavirus front came out

Moderna shares soared 20% to a record high after the biotech reported positive results from an initial-phase trial of its coronavirus vaccine. The biotech tested the vaccine in healthy adults and, in all age groups, participants began showing antibodies against Covid-19.

The stock market also liked the latest comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. In an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” Sunday, he said more steps are still possible to rescue the economy. “There’s a lot more we can do,” Powell said. “I will say that we’re not out of ammunition by a long shot.” There will still be good an bad from this blast to the economy which will have to be dealt with.

In another positive indication, the S&P energy sector took off more than 8% higher as oil prices climbed a rebound. Brent oil prices rose 7% to $34.82 per barrel. The supply cuts from major oil producers and the gradual reopening of world economies are helping to normalize the oil market.

Small caps also took off, rising noticeably with the possibility that smaller companies which were beaten down the worst ma be able to see the light.

The only dark shadow, leading stocks lagged far behind other issues. Still, we’ll take it.


Watching, Opportunistically!

Let’s take a look at the Charts

S&P 500
Moved nicely through resistance at `2940 on the S&P 500 signalling a higher potential to move higher and an end to the recession. Keep in mind, the market still moves well before the economy and is the best leading indicator of the economy.

Whether the worst is over or we’ll see a nice rise followed by a strong failure in the autumn is to be seen, but not worried about! Full steam ahead!


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