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7 of the Most Important Career Transition Secrets You Must Know to Get the Income Your Want Now and Create Real Retirement & Financial Security for Your Future!

If you have recently been laid off, downsized or even if you have “found a great new job”, there are traps in every career transition you must avoid in order to eliminate any possibility of catastrophe and create a Brilliant Financial Future!

Unfortunately, there are very few firms who have over a decade specializing in dealing with exactly what your going through and how to get you on to a proven path to Financial Success. We’ll show you:

  • How to Maximize Severance Pay
  • The Truth about “Outsourcing Companies”, Executive Search Firms & Employment Agencies
  • How to Cut Health Insurance Costs without giving up important Benefits
  • Why leaving a 401k, Pension Plan or other Retirement Plan behind could be a Big Mistake
  • Investments and What the Rich do Differently
  • and a lot more…

Mistake # 1:  Not Getting the Highest Amount of Severance Pay!

Most human resources departments use the  easier of two formulas to calculate your severance pay and the amount of taxes to with hold. This formula is easier for them but costs you money now and AND leaves you with less to live on. Most people don’t even know about this formula and when it makes sense to request it. Yet it can be the difference of thousands of dollars of severance pay you need now to survive! We’ll show you what it is and what it means to you!

Learn the Secret to Maximizing Your Severance Pay in “6 Critical Steps You Must Take Now”

Mistake #2: Leaving your 401k or other Retirement Plans at Your old Employer.

Your 401k, Profit Sharing, Pension or other corporate retirement plan is controlled by a corporate trustee, NOT YOU!

This means your former employer has total control over when and how you get your retirement plan. Over 20 years of experience we have seen even large corporate retirement plans frozen, delayed and even had “corporate moratoriums on plan disbursements” which bordered on criminal behavior even with large Fortune 500 companies. Meanwhile, the plan participant or former employee has no knowledge of what to do. They have absolutely no leverage of what needs to happen.

For more than 12 years our firm has spoken to thousands of people going through a career transition.

We can help you implement strategies which can mean the difference between a crushing failure and lasting financial success. Even though the national employment trend is the best in decades people are still being laid off in droves due to changes in technology, corporate missteps and changes in business direction that you got caught in.

The 6 Critical Steps You Must Make When Going through a Career Transition is an important guide for making the best move now, as well as in the next few weeks, months and all the way up to and through that point where you can truly declare your own personal financial freedom!

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