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Turn Your Career Transition into Total Financial Freedom

The Secret of How to Turn a Career Transition
into Retirement and Financial Freedom – ASAP!

If you have recently been fired, laid off, downsized or best case found a great new job, there are traps in every career transition you must avoid in order to maximize your income and wealth and eliminate embarrassment, avoid financial catastrophe and save your family!

  • Maximize Severance Pay

  • Create an Income You Can’t get Fired from

  • Negotiate Top Pay

  • Cut costs of Health Insurance

  • Why leaving a 401k, Pension Plan or other Retirement Plan behind is a Horrible Mistake

  • How the Wealthy Invest

  • And a lot More!

For more than 12 years our firm has helped thousands of people going through a career transition to understand and implement strategies which can mean the difference between  financial success while helping to avoid the possibility a crushing failure. Even though the national employment trend is the best in decades people are still being laid off in droves due to changes in technology, corporate missteps and changes in business direction that you got caught in. It wasn’t likely your fault but telling you spouse, your children, your family that you don’t have a job any longer still hurts really, really bad! We started helping people in 2006, right before the gigantic financial crises make moves to improve their situation. Throughout 2008 all the way to 2017 we helped thousands of people make better moves during a career transition. We were one of the primary speakers at Lee HEcht Harrisions Kansas City office, a leading outsourcing firm, whose primary mission was (and is) to help people during a move. We made sure people avoided financial catastrophe and set themselves up for a true path for financial success.

Here’s some of the top mistakes to avoid:

Mistake # 1:  Not negotiating severance pay!

For instance, many people do nothing when negotiating severance pay! Most human resources departments use the  easier of two formulas to calculate your severance pay and the amount of taxes to with hold. This formula is easier for them but costs you more now and AND leaves you with less to live on. Most people don’t even know about this formula and when it makes sense to request it. Yet in be the difference of thousands of dollars of severance pay you need now to survive! We’ll show you what it is and what it means to you!

The Human Resource  Manager does not work for you. They work for and are paid by the Employer. Your Past Employer.

You want to make sure you have the best payout option so you can maximize your dollars now, when you need it most. If you’re in shock, surprised or confused about your next step that’s understandable. Usually you’re asked to make quick decisions even though your soon to be past employer has been planning this for quite some time.

Mistake # 2:  Not moving your 401k, Profit Sharing, Cash Balance Pension, ESOP or other qualified or Non-qualified Retirement Plan to a Rollover IRA or some other plan which YOU control!

Most people believe you have total control over your Corporate Retirement Plan. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Your 401k, Profit Sharing, Cash Balance Pension, ESOP – otherwise known as a Employee Stock Ownership Plan or other corporate retirement plan is controlled by a corporate trustee! They, not you, control what happens in and to the plan.

Over 20 years of experience we have seen even large corporate retirement plans frozen, delayed and even place “corporate moratoriums on plan disbursements” which bordered on criminal behavior even with large Fortune 500 companies.

Meanwhile, the plan participant or former employee had no knowledge or leverage of what to do. They were stuck until some corporate trustee holed up deep in the legal department decided when, where and how the participant would get their money. Sometimes it takes years to resolve!

Financial Strategies for :

Severance Pay Maximization

Immediate Income Strategies

Tax Reduction

401k / Pension / Qualified Plan Maximization

Secure Income Strategies for Life

Health Insurance Cost Reduction Strategies

Investment Allocation Simplification

Employee Stock and Option Strategies


We specialize in Career Transition and the Financial implications of a Career Transition so you can position yourself ASAP for total financial freedom! Some people call this retirement. We go further. We help you plan immediate income strategies from traditional as well as alternative income strategies designed to give you the potential for a meach earlier retirement, a way to build more financial security for your future or both!

Want more? Consider these massive failures which someone should have told you about but did nothing:

Mistake # 3: Not owning a supplemental income stream in case of being fired, dismissed or terminated unexpectedly!

Most corporate benefit plans offer some form of insurance coverage in the event you become disabled while employed through the employer. However once terminated 95% of these plans cease to exist.

Even worse, companies offer absolutely no plan to create a supplemental income, which could turn into a primary income while employed at their company. Why not? If you could create a supplemental income which could replace your income from your job, your employer loses YOU which they don’t want to do until THEY decide to keep or fire you!

We’ll show you several ways to easily and immediately create supplemental income strategies which have the potential to REPLACE YOUR INCOME FROM YOUR JOB! Some of which are FREE to begin!

The # 1 Threat to Big Companies!

Big corporations hate this strategy because they know that if you participate in one of these programs they are doomed to lose you. If you could be involved in one of these programs you could create a supplemental income which is better than disability insurance, could help you retire sooner, can help you build a bigger nest egg for your future and best for you (worse for the big company) totally replace the income from your job in half the time it takes to save for “retirement”.

We specialize in Retirement ASAP!

Using traditional investment advisory and financial planning as well as new more robust strategies to help you create income & wealth our goal is help you live the life you truly desire! We’ve specialized in Retirement Planning, Investment Advisory, Estate, Tax reduction, Alternative Income and Financial Planning for 20 years. We know as your partner, the better off you are, the better off we all are. That’s why our goal for you is to help you retire, build a bigger, better wealth plan and enjoy life faster!

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